The Story Behind Meno Active

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It has been three years since Revive Active first conceptualised a nutritional supplement to support women experiencing the menopause. Two of those have been dedicated to an intense period of research and development in consultation with experts in various fields of nutrition and science. Read on to find out how Meno Active, our new super supplement for women, was developed.

1. What inspired Revive Active to create Meno Active?

Several years ago, Revive Active identified a lack of supplementation options for women experiencing the menopause. Nearly three years later, we are proud to launch the Meno Active super supplement. With a unique blend of 31 active ingredients, Meno Active aims to support women’s hormonal activity, brain and psychological function, nervous system and energy throughout the menopause.

The menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life cycle that usually takes place one year after a woman’s last period. On average it can last up to four years. Every woman’s menopause story differs; some women sail through it while others really struggle with this stage of their life.

With this in mind, Meno Active has been scientifically formulated as a super supplement using a powdered sachet and capsule combination for women to take during their menopausal journey. 

2. How did Revive Active produce Meno Active?

Revive Active’s expert research and development team followed a rigorous process over two years to formulate a comprehensive super supplement uniquely for women at this important stage of their lives.

During the development process the team identified the importance of plant extracts in the Meno Active formula, leading to the inclusion of Ashwagandha, Soya Isoflavones, Sage and Green Tea. Sometimes these botanical ingredients can taste a little bitter in powdered format and as a result the team decided to deliver the Soya Isoflavone, Sage and Ashwagandha in a capsule.

The decision to include a capsule in the Meno Active formulation was not made lightly by the research and development team, given Revive Active has consistently promoted the benefits of a powdered formula. However, our ethos is to formulate and bring to market the most comprehensive supplements to support a variety of needs; excluding the plant extracts - Ashwagandha, Soya Isoflavone Sage and Green Tea – from the Meno Active formulation based on their taste or appearance in the powdered sachet would compromise that ethos. That’s why Meno Active is uniquely delivered in a daily capsule and powdered sachet combination.

3. About the Formulation Team

To create Meno Active’s unique formulation, Revive Active brought together some of the brightest minds including Dr Fiona Barry PhD, SPV Healthcare’s Stephen Costello, a scientific team from Shannon ABC and our own product development expert Colm Horton to lead a rigorous research and development process.

Dr. Fiona Barry BSc PhD Lic Ac MBAcC

Meno Active - Dr Fiona Barry

Dr. Fiona Barry PhD, brings vast experience in women’s wellbeing and first-hand experience in the use of botanical ingredients to the formulation team. She is a certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner with two busy practices, holds a PhD in pharmacology and sat on the Health Products Regulatory Authority subcommittee for Herbal Medicines. Her expertise and input have been critical to the development of our Meno Active super supplement for women.

Stephen Costello, Co-Founder and Director of SPV Healthcare

Stephen Costello, Co-Founder and Director of SPV Healthcare

Working alongside Fiona to identify ingredients for the Meno Active formulation was Stephen Costello from SPV Healthcare. Stephen’s extensive knowledge of ingredients and their synergies, alongside his tenacity to trawl through hundreds and hundreds of scientific papers to research alternative ingredients and their efficacy, has been crucial to the development of the Meno Active formulation. Stephen is a chartered chemist and has extensive experience in the regulatory classes of pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics as well as strategies for product life-cycle management.

Colm Horton, Head of Manufacturing Revive Active

Meno Active - Colm Horton

Colm Horton is Revive Active’s Head of Manufacturing. He has more than 30 years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing and product development. Since joining Revive Active in 2014 Colm has played a central role in new product development, from providing input at the initial research and development stage through to the development of flavour and taste profiles. We can thank Colm for the refreshing citrus flavour of Meno Active’s powdered sachet!

Shannon ABC

Meno Active - Shannon ABC

A vital component of the research and development process was to identify scientific evidence behind the ingredients used in the Meno Active formulation. To achieve this, Revive Active brought on board the Shannon ABC scientific team, comprising Dr Joanna Tierney (Principal Scientist), Dr Najla Jouini (Research Scientist) and Elva O’Conaire (Senior Business Development Scientist), to undertake an Enterprise Ireland funded study of peer reviewed scientific literature on naturally-based ingredients with reported bioactivity on menopausal women.

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