6 Tips For Organising Your Work Or Study Space

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6 Tips for Organizing your Work or Study Space 

A cluttered workspace can cause a cluttered mind. Not only will having an organised workspace look better, but it will motivate you and can also make you more productive.  

Follow our guide below to find simple yet highly effective ways to tidy up your workspace, whether it's in your home office or study space, these simple tips can make all the difference! 

1. Declutter

Take a look at your desk, do you need half the stuff that’s taking up valuable space? Here’s our method for de-cluttering: On Monday morning, remove nonessential items from your desktop.  As you get busy working, put back on your desk only what you need. At the end of the week, clear your space again, ready for a fresh start on Monday! 

2. Wipe it down

Sitting down to a fresh-smelling, dust-free work area can improve your mood and can boost productivity. Keep some cleaning supplies handy and get into the habit of giving your desk, keyboard, monitor and phone regular cleanings.  

 3. Go with your workflow

A lot of us work with a left-to-right tendency. This means incoming items — computer, monitors, phone, other devices — on the left, a clear workspace in the middle, and outgoing items such as completed work on the right. The best way to organise your desk depends on how you operate. Experiment with your desk setup and find a layout that works well for you. 

 4. Add a personal touch

Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is a fan of items that ‘spark’ people joy. Have a few meaningful objects — photos, calendar or inspirational quotes on your wall or desktop but keep them to a minimum! Less is always more when it comes to staying tidy and professional. 

 5. Go digital

Paper, files and notebooks are all major culprits of cluttered workspaces. Why not migrate your calendar or to-do list to your computer? This is a great way of staying organised without the added mess. Even better, you can sync them with your smartphone for greater accessibility.  

 6. Check under your desk

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of legroom. Tidy away cords, cables and chargers under your desk.  Use shelves or filing cabinets to stack folders or files and give your feet more wiggle room!  


Why not start today? Use one tip or try them all. The amount of effort you put into creating and maintaining a tidy workspace will pay off in a big way. 


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