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At Revive Active, we are delighted to have Siobhan Berry from Mummy Cooks create a guest blog post about incorporating Junior Revive into her children’s busy routine.

I don't know about you but during the summer I find some days difficult to keep eating healthy all while maintaining the same level of energy. We are a very active family but during the summer we are even more so. In order to sustain our busy summer schedules what I find great is to get a boost in the morning with a delicious smoothie. Just like adults, kids need a wide range of nutrients to help them feel their best. 

My girls don't normally take supplements but during the summer months we are constantly on the go, so in addition to our balanced and varied diet, the girls add Junior Revive to their smoothies. What they love about Junior Revive is that it's an unflavoured powder so they get all the great added ingredients in their favourite berry smoothie without altering the taste.


1x small ripe banana  140g berries – Choose from blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or a combination  Apple juice or water  1x stick sachet of Junior Revive 


Slice the banana, and put into your blender or food processor  

Add the berries of your choice and whizz until smooth  

Add Junior Revive powder  

Pour in juice or water to make the consistency you like 

When complete, place a few extra fruits on top, drizzle with honey and serve 

Extra recipe tip! – add natural yogurt to make an extra creamy smoothie

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