How to compare Revive Active with other Supplements on the Market?

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With such a wide range of supplement brands available, it can be tricky to understand how they differ.

Not all supplements are made equal, and this is especially true when it comes to Revive Active.


Multivitamin versus Super Supplement

Did you know that Revive Active is in fact a Super Supplement, and not just a multivitamin?

A Super Supplement is much more than a multi vitamin.

In addition to a number of high-quality vitamins and minerals, Revive Active also contains amino acids, D-Ribose, CoQ10 and L-Glutamine, which are neither vitamins or minerals, yet are essential for good health.

With a unique blend of 26 active ingredients, Revive Active has been carefully designed to boost your energy and immune system, help protect your heart, and support fertility and reproduction.


Like versus like

To understand the difference between Revive Active and other products on the market, we have to dig a little deeper and compare like versus like.

Next time you are in your health food store or pharmacy, ask your retailer to show you another supplement with the same ingredient inclusion levels as Revive Active.

It won’t be easy, because there really is nothing comparable on the market.

While other products may have plenty of ingredients, they are unlikely to match the inclusion levels in Revive Active.

Even if they do, they will likely be poorer quality and cheaper forms of the nutrients (check the nutritional label on the product packaging to compare).


What other supplements need to match Revive Active

To put ingredient inclusion levels in perspective, picture one Revive Active powdered sachet, packed with 26 active ingredients, which weighs 13.2g.

A competing product would need 18 size zero capsules, the largest size capsule on the market to match the weight of Revive Active’s blend of nutrients (there are larger sized capsules available but they are usually too difficult for people to swallow).

For fun, ask your retailer which product offers 18 capsules per serving to match Revive Active’s daily dose!

Of course, it is possible that a single dose of Revive Active’s blend could fit into half that number of capsules, but to do so, the capsules’ fillers and binders would have to be eliminated.


Revive Active makes it simple: with no fillers or binders, or bulky capsules to swallow, you can enjoy a daily Super Supplement in powdered format which is easily dissolved in a glass of water for a refreshing and nutritious drink.


Inclusion levels in Revive Active

Ingredient inclusion levels are one of the main reasons for Revive Active’s price point.

For example, a number of other products that retail around GBP £19.95 contain as little as 2mg of CoQ10, which is not near enough to be of any benefit to your health.

In comparison, Revive Active is scientifically formulated with 150mg of CoQ10 in each daily dose to help protect the cells and fight the damage caused by free radicals.

If you are unsure about a supplement’s ingredient inclusion levels, check the nutritional label for a breakdown of each ingredient and the amount contained in the supplement.


Revive Active’s unmatched Super Supplement formula

When it comes to supplements, there really isn’t anything else quite like Revive Active.

With two hero ingredients, CoQ10 and L-Arginine, and 24 other active ingredients of the highest quality and optimum inclusion levels, Revive Active is the market leading Super Supplement.

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