Guest Blog: Lizzie Lee - Irish Woman’s National Marathon Champion and Irish Olympian

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 Being an athlete takes real commitment, particularly if you’re caring for a new born! In this blog post, Irish Olympian and Woman’s National Marathon Champion Lizzie Lee provides an insight into how she achieves her training and fitness goals, just three months after welcoming her third child.

As an Olympian, what is fondest memory from the last Olympic Games? 

This one is easy! It was sitting in a bar drinking coffee after the marathon, surrounded by my family and friends. My husband just leaned over and said "You did it and we couldn't be prouder." I burst into happy tears!

You are a busy working mum of three. How soon after having you last child did you go back running?

It's taken me three months to get properly back running this time. I started with walking and swimming and lots of easy, yet specific gym work. I also bought a cross trainer which I've used to supplement the running because it isn't as hard on the body. 

What is your training schedule like now?

My youngest is only three and a half months so I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I've only done steady miles so far and no speedwork. My main focus has been on strength and conditioning in the gym with a tailored postpartum training plan from my coach, Joe O' Connor.

How do you fit in training with three small children while working from home?

I'm still on maternity leave so that helps. My husband is also working from home due to the restrictions. I manage by going to bed early and then going for a ten-mile run at dawn (within the current restrictions) before anyone else in the house is up! I fit the gym sessions in at home whenever I get an opportunity. 

What are your thoughts on the postponement of the Olympics and the potential opportunities this offers you?

It's very tough on the athletes who were training for it, but it was the right call to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the athletes, officials and host nation. 

Do you have a strict diet? 

When I'm training hard, I crave healthy foods, so I don't find it that difficult to eat well. I try to stick to home-made foods and avoid anything with added sugar, except chocolate, which I love, but eat sparingly. I take Revive Active every morning after my run and I love it. I think it just gives me an extra pep in the mornings and supports my immune system. I took it for the month before the 2018 Dublin Marathon when I won the national title. I also take iron and at the moment I'm also taking breastfeeding vitamins. 

Tell us an interesting sports-related fact about yourself that we might not know.

Both of my grandads were superb sportsmen and my Grandad Lee captained both a winning Fitzgibbon AND Sigerson team for UCC in his day!

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