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There are plenty of ways in which you can help support your heart!

All throughout life, your heart is performing the vital role of pumping blood throughout your blood vessels. In so doing it helps carry away waste products that are unwanted, and ensure the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

It goes without saying that this is no small task, and there are plenty of ways in which you can support normal heart function and help keep it working as it should.

If you would like to put your knowledge to the test, be sure to have a go at our quiz on the human heart.

Supporting your heart becomes increasingly important as we get older. Our award-winning Revive Active formula contains several different ingredients that help support the normal function of the heart. 

It is tailored for those over the age of 35. One of the ingredients included in Revive Active is CoQ10, which is critical for cellular energy.

Revive Active is tailored to suit the healthy aging demographic, whereas Zest Active is targeted more to a younger age demographic.

Keep Yourself Active

Without even dipping into the psychological benefits that come with regular physical activity, it is one of the most important aspects of looking after your health. 

Getting 20 minutes of moderate exercise in three days a week is a good target to begin with, so don’t think that you have to start off by targeting a marathon!

Finding the motivation to get moving can often be one of the trickiest things, and a home workout such as this one from our Brand Ambassador Nathalie Lennon is a nice way to mix things up.


Leave the Desk

This ties back to the previous point, but sitting down for long periods of time is thought to slow down your metabolism. This in turn is thought to affect the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and pressure, and can increase the risk of heart disease.

Whether you work from home, in an office or spend a lot of time in a car, it’s important to take regular breaks and move around for a few minutes. A simple walk around while waiting for the kettle to boil or simple stretches will go a long way!

Don’t Take it to Heart

In all honesty, has anyone ever successfully “tried to relax?” It seems a bit paradoxical, and is rarely what you want to hear when going through a stressful situation.

While stress can sometimes be a decent motivator to get things done, it’s not something you have to let take control. Sometimes even admitting to yourself that you are becoming stressed out can be a helpful first step.

Finding the right outlets or hobbies is an even more effective remedy, and talking to a friend about your concerns shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Coenzyme Q10 

One of the key ingredients in Revive Active is Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10 as it is more commonly known) and it is found in all cells of the body with higher levels found in the heart, liver and kidneys.

CoQ10 is an antioxidant and plays a critical role in cellular energy. Our Revive Active formulation contains 150mg of CoQ10, thus supplementing the body’s natural supply on a daily basis.


L-Arginine is an amino acid which is a precursor to Nitic Oxide. The discovery of Nitric Oxide, and its importance in the body, led to the award of a Nobel Prize in 1998. 

Every Revive Active sachet contains 3,000mg of L-Arginine and 1,000mg of L-Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate.

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Our range of super supplements is specially formulated to combine the active ingredients that have the greatest impact for each age group at their stage of life. Through tailored nutrition you can meet challenges with confidence whether at school, work or play.

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