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Revive Active are thrilled to announce their new partnership with Philip Doyle. Philip who hails from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, is an international rower who has been balancing his career as a medical doctor and his rowing career since 2018.  

Philip started rowing in 2014 while studying at Queen’s University Belfast and stepped into his first Irish boat in Switzerland in July 2018. Since then, he has been on an international podium 5 times, with 2 World Championship medals. Philip has juggled being a doctor and a rower over the last 6 years, striving for success in both. His commitment and dedication to both is incredibly admirable and Revive Active are thrilled to have him as a brand ambassador. He competes in the men’s double sculls and has been relocated to Cork’s National Rowing Centre for the upcoming trip to Paris. 

Philip Doyle Comments: I’ve been taking Zest Active and Joint Complex for some time now and it’s so reassuring knowing that it’s informed sport certified and that I am giving myself the best chance to perform at the highest level. As a doctor and athlete, it gives my body and immune system that helping hand that it needs to consistently do what I ask of it. The fact it tastes good is an added bonus! 

Philip Doyle’s journey with Revive Active involves incorporating two key products into his daily routine: 

Zest Active: 

Zest Active is a super supplement scientifically formulated with 25 active ingredients including Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Beta Glucans. It is a non-negotiable for Philip as it supports his energy, brain and immune system while spending numerous hours training and working long days in the hospital. 

Joint Complex: 

Joint Complex is a super supplement with 10 active ingredients specifically created to support your joints all in one daily sachet. These ingredients including Marine Collagen, MSM, Glucosamine & Hyaluronic Acid. As rowing can be incredibly enduring and demanding on the body, Joint Complex provides vital support for the joints, cartilage, bones, and connective tissue while Philip is in training for his journey to Paris.  

Welcome to the Revive Active Community Philip! 

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