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Dr. Sinead Kane, Phd. BCL, LLM.

We first met Sinead Kane and heard her inspiring story in 2017 at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.  

Sinead amazed us with her mind-boggling account of running seven marathons on seven continents in less than seven days, earning a Guinness World Record in the process. Sinead also gained a second Guinness World Record for running the furthest distance for any female on a treadmill in 12 hours. Sinead covered a distance of 130.5km in that time.

In addition to holding two Guinness World Records, Sinead is a qualified lawyer, double PhD doctorate, keynote speaker and freelance researcher.

This is an impressive list of achievements for anyone, yet Sinead has accomplished all this while being legally blind with just five percent vision and she does not let it impact her ambition or her ability to succeed.

Sinead is a well-respected motivational speaker who speaks candidly about her life challenges and how she has drawn strength from them to bolster her resilience and achieve her goals. 

Choose to be visionary not blind! 


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The film

We are proud to showcase a film we recently shot with Sinead that shares the highlights of her story and showcases what can be achieved with the power of a strong mind.

In the film, Sinead can be seen running with her guide runner, John O’Regan, who is also her run coach. Sinead credits John and her other guide runners for her running success to date. Guide runners are essential to Sinead to help her compete in races and challenges that she sets for herself.

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