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How can we help you support your employees Health & Wellbeing?

We are passionate about supporting companies to enrich their employees lives through health and wellness. With practical initiatives including nutritional talks, corporate discounts and super supplement samples for employees, the Revive Active team can help you further demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing. Talk to us about your thoughts and requests – we are flexible and open to ideas!

Who is Revive Active?

Revive Active is an award-winning, super supplement company. Scientifically formulated and manufactured right here in Ireland, our unique range is tailored to a variety of needs and life stages, supporting health and wellness, energy and immunity, and mental agility. Each refreshing, powdered sachet is easily dissolved and taken in a glass of water or juice. As an easy, every day ritual for busy lives, Revive Active enriches lives by supporting people to get the most out of each day.

Why are Revive Active’s products called Super Supplements?

Revive Active’s super supplement range is uniquely differentiated from other vitamins and minerals on the market. Enriched with a high-quality blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work in synergy to support a variety of functions in the body, the powdered format contains no fillers, binders or artificial colours. When the ingredients are mixed with water, they dissolve quickly and are absorbed more easily by the body, compared to a tablet or capsule which first must be broken down by the body before the nutrients can be released.
For more information on how you and your organisation can support your employee’s health & wellbeing, contact Triona today on or call 086 075 9601

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