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 All of our pharmacy and health food store retailers nationwide have helped us to become Ireland's Number 1 Vitamin and Dietary Supplement Brand*!

 We are showcasing some of our many retailers, who champion our products day in, day out!

Keep on reading to learn more about our retailers. 

Oonagh O'Hagan, Pharmacist, MD of Meagher's Pharmacy Group

Oonagh O'Hagan, Pharmacist, MD of Meagher's Pharmacy Group

The Meagher’s Pharmacy Group had its roots in Baggot Street, Dublin. It was first opened in 1921 and was operated by the Meagher’s family up to 2001 when Oonagh O’Hagan purchased the store from the Meagher family.

Over the years Oonagh expanded the group and in 2019 Meagher’s opened its 9th store in Dublin. Meagher’s continues to be a family run, community-based pharmacy business and is a leader in the Dublin area for delivering excellence in patient care and the provision of consultation services, while serving the community and expanding the role of the pharmacist.

Meagher’s Pharmacy aim to be at the forefront of the industry embracing the evolving role of pharmacy whilst delivering new innovative services. They delight their customers by exceeding their expectations through outstanding care and a unique product range.

Eoghan Maguire, Pharmacist, Maguire’s Pharmacy, Ballyshannon, Donegal

Eoghan Maguire – Maguire’s Pharmacy, Ballyshannon, Donegal

Eoghan Maguire, owner and pharmacist at Maguire’s Pharmacy, Ballyshannon Co. Donegal. Eoghan qualified with a Masters in Pharmacy from Liverpool John Moores University in 2013. Eoghan spent time working for independent and mulitiple chain pharmacies both in the north and south of Ireland gaining knowledge of both healthcare systems on the island.

He opened Maguire’s Pharmacy in March 2019 where it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Maguire’s Pharmacy offers a wide range of services, including clinical diagnostic’s, testing services, smoking programme, nutrional support and supplementation enhancement.
Eoghan prides his pharmacy on being part of a community where many people just come in for a chat.

Marion Moffatt, Nuts & Grains Heath Food Store, Mullingar, Westmeath

Marion Moffatt – Nuts & Grains Heath Food Store, Mullingar, Westmeath

Opened in 1985, Nuts & Grains is one of Irelands longest established Health Food Stores.This family-run wholefood superstore is located in Mullingar & serves the entire country through it’s online store.

Quality, ethics, great customer service & the team’s product knowledge are at the very heart of the business - Every product across it’s wide range of supplements, wholefoods & skincare is hand-picked to meet their exacting standards. A warm welcome awaits you in this stylish contemporary store!

JeanAnne Mulligan, Pharmacist, Mulligan's Pharmacy Group

JeanAnne Mulligan, Mulligan's Pharmacy Group - RA

Mulligan's Pharmacy, a family owned company since 1957. Our ambition has always been to help our customers live longer, happier and healthier lives with great customer service and a personal touch. We pride ourselves in health, beauty and wellbeing both in-store and online.

Since Jim and Sheila Mulligan opened their first store in 1957 at 25 Georges Street, Waterford, they have always sought to ensure that their customer’s needs are met with care and consideration, delivered by motivated professional and friendly staff. Great customer service with a welcoming smile and a very personal touch is at the centre of everything they do, whether it is in-store, online or across our social platforms.

Fast forward to 2022, Mulligans Pharmacy has seen tremendous expansion and innovation, despite the challenges that the last number of years has brought to retail, both bricks and mortar and digital. Mulligans continue to expand, with new stores on the horizon and strategic plans to develop our online presence even further.

The Mulligan family are still very much at the helm. JeanAnne is third-generation in the Mulligans Pharmacy family tree and obtained her Masters of Pharmacy at the University of Manchester before returning home to continue working in the family business. After gathering some experience working through all the stores in the South East, she relocated to Dublin to open the first Mulligans Pharmacy in Dublin in Arnotts Department Store.

Clair Whitty, Natural Health Store, Wexford and Kilkenny

Clair Whitty, Natural Health Store, Wexford and Kilkenny

Clair is a Nutritional Health Coach and a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. She is the co-owner of Natural Health Store, a family run health food store. She writes a weekly health column for the People Newspaper Group and for the Kilkenny Observer. She also has regular health slots on KCLR, Community Radio Kilkenny and South East Radio. She enjoys what she does and is passionate about helping people find solutions to their health concerns.

Natural Health Store was established in December 2013 and is a family run health store. Founded by four siblings, Christine, Clair, Linda, and Patrick. The Wexford store opened in 2013 and 5 years later their second store in Market Cross, Kilkenny opened. Their online store launched in 2021 and along with their Kilkenny store manager they manage the two stores and online store. They have a team of four staff in Wexford comprising of two qualified Nutritional Therapists, Nutritional Health Coach and Linda’s Daughter Megan who manages their extensive alternative gift section. Their Kilkenny store along with our manager has two qualified Nutritional Therapists and a training Medicinal Herbalist.

Beginning their retail career in the late 1970's, they have been working together ever since. With over 25 years in the health food industry, they have spent a lot of time researching the products they sell and continually keep up to date with customer demand and expectations. Ethical, Fair-Trade, Vegan, Free From, Zero Waste are just some of the terms you can relate to their products.
Their staff are trained to assist customers in making appropriate choices, and give clear, accurate and safe advice to customers when recommending supplements and herbal remedies.

They provide a personal service to their customers; they build relationships with them and they place their trust in staff members to provide them with the best possible solution to their health concerns. At Natural Health Store, they have earned the trust of their customers, responding to their demands, providing them with a rounded integrated approach to their well-being by giving them expert knowledge and advice, all the time supplying them with high-quality products.

Nuala Lilley (BSc Pharmacy), Owner of Natures Choice Health Shop, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Nuala Lilley, BSc Pharmacy, Owner of Natures Choice Health Shop, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Nuala Lilley started out her working life as a pharmacist but latterly has chosen to work within the natural health sector. After graduation, Nuala spent ten years working in community pharmacy and retail management in various locations for Boots, the chemists. During this time, she became increasingly interested in natural health and studied for qualifications in nutrition, homoeopathy, and phytotherapy. In 1995, Nuala decided to follow her passion by opening Nature’s Choice Health Shop in her hometown of Enniskillen.

Nature’s Choice is a premium health shop that offers an extensive range of high quality supplements and herbal medicines and a wide range of speciality foods. Nature’s Choice also carries a selection of ethical toiletries, and beauty and cleaning products. Nature’s Choice takes pride in selling as many high quality Irish made products as possible and actively promotes the success of Irish made health products.

Nuala employs a team of highly qualified, trained, and motivated staff. One of the key success factors of Nature’s Choice is that staff receive continual training to ensure they have the most up to date product knowledge. This enables Nature’s Choice to be a key supplier of many of the best quality products in the UK and Ireland.

Nature’s Choice has also established itself as an important component in the healthcare offering of the region. In addition to its base in Co Fermanagh, it also attracts many customers from the bordering counties of Tyrone, Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan and Sligo.

Natures Choice is a double award winning health shop having previously won the UK and Ireland “Best Independent Retail Team” award at the Natural Trade Show, and the UK and Ireland “Retailer of The Year” award by the National Association of Health Stores. 


Adrian Mullins, Pharmacist, Mullins CarePlus Pharmacy, Salthill, Galway

Adrian Mullins - Pharmacist - CarePlus Pharmacy - Galway Ireland

Meet Adrian Mullins, from Mullins CarePlus Pharmacy located in the heart of Salthill in Galway. Mullins CarePlus is an independent family-owned Irish pharmacy that opened its doors to the people of Galway in 2004. Both Adrian and his sister Sinead are qualified Pharmacists and along with the rest of their team, they provide excellent healthcare advice and service to all of their customers.

Mullins CarePlus Pharmacy was the first pharmacy in the country to stock Revive Active, back in 2011 when the brand was in its infancy. When Adrian read the list of ingredients that are contained within every single sachet of Revive Active he knew that this was something different and wanted to stock it in his store. He identified the quality of the ingredients and the synergistic benefits and he knew that he could help his customers by stocking this new product. Over a decade later Adrian now stocks all of the Revive Active products in the range and Revive Active remains one of his top sellers.

What is Revive Active?

Revive Active is a super supplement that stands out with a unique formulation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you get the most from your busy, active lifestyle. Packed with 26 active ingredients specially formulated to support your energy levels, immune and nervous system, heart and circulatory system, thyroid function, normal teeth and normal fertility and reproduction.

Formulated for adults (aged 18 and over) who are looking for a comprehensive supplement.  Taken once a day, its ingredients include vitamins B6, B12, C & D as well as folate, thiamine, copper, zinc and selenium. Each sachet is enriched with 150mg CoQ10 and 3,000mg L-Arginine.

Revive Active - Super Supplement - 26 active in ingredients - COQ10 - L-Arginine - Shop - Pharmacist


 Passport - Ireland’s Number 1 VMS Brand - V1408

Passport - Ireland’s Number 1 VMS Brand - V1410

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