Revive Rewards – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Here's The Lowdown On How Revive Rewards Work..

What’s life without a few rewards, eh? Whether it’s a free cup of coffee (always the nicest) on your tenth visit or a discount on your groceries, it makes everything that little bit sweeter.

That’s certainly how we operate here, and our Revive Rewards system was created to make sure you feel your custom is appreciated.

The first step is to set up an account or log into your existing account. If you look at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you will see a green Revive Rewards icon. By clicking on this, you will have full visibility on your Rewards. 

Think of it as an all-access pass to our best offers and promotions, and we’ll reward you for spreading the word and referring us to your friends (more on that below). 

To put Revive Rewards simply, every €10 you spend will earn you €1 off your next order. This works by you earning 1 point for every €1 spent, and 10 points add up to a €1 discount - that's basically 10% back.

For example, if Sarah made an order of €50 on our website, she’ll have earned a €5 discount for her next order. Sarah loves a bargain, so it really did make her day.


How does it work



Here is a list of common questions we often get asked...

1. What Can I Do With Them?

Earning points is relatively straightforward, and you’ll be glad to know it’s just as easy to redeem them. Simply log into your account and add products to your bag as normal, then just move the slider from left to right to select how many points you want to redeem. The below GIF shows you what this looks like.

Please note though that it is for display purposes only and doesn’t reflect your personal points balance.

As a cherry on top of the icing on the cake, you can earn extra rewards just by making a referral spreading the word. Simply gift your friend a reward, and claim your own when they make a purchase.

Refer a friend


If for example they get €5 off, you will also get €5 off. This way, everybody wins!

To put some candles beside the cherries and icing (we'll stop with cake analogies now), you can also receive 200 free points (which means €20 off your next order) when you add your birthday! You can you add your birthday in the ways to earn section of the widget. 

2. Where have my loyalty points disappeared to?

Two things, either you have redeemed them already (yay!), or you have created a unique code which is now available in the “Your Rewards” section within your account (phew!).

For every time you select redeem on the slider at the checkout, a unique discount code will be created and stored in your account, located in the green widget (bottom right-hand corner of your screen) in the "Your Rewards" section until you decide to redeem the unique discount code (for safe keeping).

For illustrative purchases only.

Your Rewards balance
For example, Sarah has logged into her account and has 500 points in her balance and wishes to only redeem 250 points. When Sarah is in the cart, she has selected redeem 250 points on the slider, and she would like to continue browsing and add an additional product to her cart. For safe keeping, we have stored a unique discount code for use on 250 points in the "Your Rewards" section of her account until she decides to redeem them. The remaining balance will display as 250, but there is also a valid discount code for 250 points in the "Your Rewards" section of your account.

3. Can I use my Revive Reward Points with other discount codes?

Revive Reward Points & Discount Codes CANNOT be redeemed at the same time. You must use one or the other.

4. How Long Do They Last?

All Revive Rewards points will expire within six months of the date of your last purchase. 

We will remind you of your expiration date in plenty of time and offer you plenty of reasons to come back and make a purchase within that time period! 

Expiry dates automatically renew whenever you make a purchase online, regardless of whether you use your reward points or not. However, you do need to be signed into your Revive Rewards account.

Please remember that it’s only possible to use EITHER a discount code OR your Revive Reward Points before you checkout. It is not possible to use both. It is also NOT possible to use more than one discount code.

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