Halloween Games for a Guaranteed Spooktacular Time

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Halloween is a really exciting holiday for kids and adults alike. One thing you don’t want, however, is the fun running dry and your little ones left twiddling their thumbs. Here’s 10 fun-filled spooky Halloween games that are sure to have your little monsters howling with laughter all day long:  

1. Wrap The Mummy  

Set a timer for 30 seconds, the ‘mummy’ with the most toilet/crepe paper wrapped around themselves wins!   

2. Spooky Box 

Grab a cardboard box and cut out two arm holes. Put an object in the box without telling the kids what it is. The spookier the better! The first to guess correctly wins.

3. Don’t Wake the Mummy! 

One person is nominated as the mummy, and is facing a wall with their back turned to the others. The others must cross the mummy’s line without getting caught by the mummy whenever it decides to turn around and catch them!  

4. ‘Floating Ghosts’ 

A more hygienic version of bopping for apples, tie large marshmallows to a string and hang from a height. They must eat the entire marshmallow with their hands tied behind their backs without dropping a piece of it. Adults can make this game harder by moving or jolting the strings. (image source: Marshmallow Ghosts on a String {Halloween Game to Play} | Kid Friendly Things To Do ) 


5. Spooky Boogie 

Put on some Halloween music, have the kids dance around and pause the music at random intervals. Any little monsters still moving when the music stops are eliminated.


6. How Many Sweets are in the Jar? 

This is a big one up for grabs! Fill a jar full of sweets and have the guests guess how many sweets are in the jar. The closest guess (to the nearest five) wins the entire jar!


7. Fix the Skeleton! 

Grab a plastic skeleton in Dealz, or even draw one out and cut it into separate bones. Hide all the pieces around the house and have the kids go on a scavenger hunt. The one with the most pieces collected wins.  

8. Piping Pumpkin 

An alternative to ‘Hot Potato’, have the kids sit around in a circle and pass the ‘hot’ pumpkin around. Whoever is holding the pumpkin when the music stops are out.


9. Floating Ghost 

Get a white balloon and draw a ghosts face on it. All players must keep the ghost floating at all times. First person to drop the ghost is out.  


10. Dodge the Webs! 

Using the same toilet paper from the Mummy Game (re-use where possible!), create webs with blue tac along a hallway or large room. Each kid takes turns trying to get through the webs without breaking them or knocking them over. The first kid to successfully get through the webs without breaking them wins! (image source: chicken babies: Lair of the Spider Queen: Halloween Game)


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